Tilly Automatic video now available!!!

We are pleased to present a full length, multi-angle video of 'Machines Within Machines' by Tilly Automatic a.k.a. Sarah Nicolls, created in conjunction with people from C4DM presents. A longer description follows:

Pianist Sarah Nicolls (aka Tilly Automatic) performs her piece 'Machines Within Machines' at the Future Of Sound conference. The piece uses a variety of motors paced within the body of the piano, as well as a bluetooth sensor embedded in her magic top hat to mix, distort and pan the sounds of the piano. Developed in collaboration with programmers Samer Abdallah, Kurt Jacobson, Andrew Robertson and Adam Stark, the piece is a hybrid of the acoustic and the digital. [Sam Meech] provided the live [video] feed to reveal her work inside the piano body and also interpret some of the more distressed effects. Filmed at Future Of Sound, Bexhill Dela Warr Pavillion, 22nd November 2008. www.futureofsound.org. Cameras - Neringa Plange, Sam Meech, Adam Stark. Sound recording - Adam Stark. www.sarahnicolls.com